Infection Control Statement

We aim to keep our practice clean and tidy and offer a safe environment to our patients and staff. We endeavour to make sure the surgery is kept clean and well maintained at all time.

If you have any concerns about cleanliness or infection control, please speak to one of our Care Naviagtors who will raise with the infection control lead.

Our clinical staff follow our infection control policy to ensure the care we deliver and the equipement we use is safe.

We take additional measure to ensure we maintain the highest standards:-

  • Encourage staff and patients to raise any issues or report any incidents relating to cleanliness and infection control.  We can then discuss these and identify improvements we can make to avoid any further problems
  • Carry out annual infection control audits to make sure our procedures are working
  • Provide annual staff updates and training on cleanliness and infection control
  • Reveiw our policies and procedures to make sure they are adequate and meet national guidance
  • Maintain the premisis and equipement to the highest standard within the availabe financial resourese and ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to reduce or remove all infection risk.
  • Use disposable materials for items such as couch rolls, modesty curtains, floor coverings, towels etc and ensure that these are changed frequently to minimise risk of infection.
  • Make alchohol hand rub available throughtout the building.

Significant events

In the past year there have been no significant events raised relating to infection control.


An annual infection control audit is undertaken in the practice. This is based on the department of health's audit tool. The results showed compliance in all areas.

Cleaning Specifications

The cleaning staff work to structured cleaning schedules and the daily cleaning of the surgery is contracted to a company who follow NHS guidance.

Infection Control Policy

The infection control policy is reviewed and updated annually if appropriate and updated on an ongoing basis as current advice changes.